About Us

A Vision For Over A Decade

Since 1994, our specialists at USTAX CREDITS have been assisting clients as a Specialty Tax Consulting firm. Launched in the San Francisco Bay Area, the company achieved early success and began expanding operations to include the Central Valley and Southern California. By the end of 1997 the company covered every major metropolitan area in California. And, by 1999 the team became the market leader in Southern California and has continued to expand into new markets at a rapid pace.

Our Founder and President, Noel D. Wisegarver, began his career with a Fortune 30, (USA) global company after graduating from the California University system. Due to his accomplishments in the Fortune 500 arena, Wisegarver gained rapid advancement and earned positions that, up to that point, only accepted Masters and Law Degree Graduates. After his success in the corporate arena, Wisegarver elected to launch his own fully-licensed firm, and as they say, the rest is history.

Economic incentives and tax credits are the primary specialties of USTAX CREDITS, now with headquarters in San Diego, California. These types of government-approved incentives provide an extraordinary opportunity for business enterprises to achieve significant financial savings. Benefits range from cash rebates, tax credits, grants and incentives to highly-specialized custom-tailored tax plans.

Ensuring Professional Standards

Currently, Wisegarver and a group of other professionals are in the process of voluntarily building a National Association for specialists in this arena. The goal is to realize the highest level of professional standards, education and accreditation for this growing industry. The association is named The National Board of Tax Credits™ and will seek to achieve a consistent, high level of knowledge of Federal, State and local plans and programs, with national standards for education, training, ethics and integrity. In addition, The National Board of Tax Credits™ will engage in ongoing and continuing education, in order to keep abreast of legislative and bureaucratic changes, as well as technological innovation.