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We Fast Track Your Claims

Working with us won’t cost you a phone call or a stamp. We take care of everything, from initial review to final processing. It's our job to provide a simple solution for our clients, so we handle all aspects of a complex process. And, in the end, we crunch all the numbers, process all the information, and provide you with a final report detailing how much cash you are going to receive.


  • Research and Gather Documents
  • Process All Claims
  • Work With Government Agencies
  • Provide Detailed Reports

STEP #1: Determine what your company qualifies for

At USTAX CREDITS, we get a clear understanding of your company’s structure and qualifications. Then we work like a match-maker between your company and a variety of specialized government programs, which are waiting for qualifying companies to claim their fair share. Most importantly, we are abreast of current, future and past programs in order to design a strategy within dynamic shifts in programs, thus maximizing your benefits.

STEP #2: Painstaking research to maximize the opportunities

Working as strategic analysts, our researchers carefully and confidentially gather all required documentation. We work with only what we need, leaving unnecessary records untouched. You can be especially assured since we offer Compliance Testing as an expert 3rd party. We make sure all components are in alignment with program designs, and that all data meets or exceeds certification requirements. As a result, no government flags are raised. The strategy and specialized experience comes in when determining creative options such as year-over-year alternatives and stackable strategies.

STEP #3: File to meet the government’s strict requirements

We work face-to-face with government agencies on a weekly basis, thus understanding what they want. Knowing the wrinkles of a complex system can make a substantial difference in results, and results come only with experience. In our experience, without the proper knowledge and training, the vast majority of attempts are made improperly, which can result in lost time, money, opportunity, and the raising of red flags. To ensure there is an immediate and maximum return, demand the expertise of trained professionals.

STEP #4: Follow up to ensure your credits are received

This multi-month process is not complete until the check is in your hands. We stay in constant touch with all of the relevant government agencies, so at all times you can know the current status of your claims. Not until you have your check in hand do you then pay our team. There is never any risk of being out-of-pocket prior to filling your company’s own pocket. Throughout this process, we also stay in touch with you, providing detailed reports. You’ll always know where your claim stands.


Have the confidence of experienced specialists performing all of the work with discretion, using only the necessary documents, making sure all of the “i"s are dotted and “t”s crossed, and that everything is in compliance with all standards. It's this experience and attention to detail that has maximized our clients’ benefits, resulting in a 100% success rate for claims submitted on our clients’ behalf. And, there has never been a client audit as a result of any part of the claims process. Now that's a system in which you can be confident.