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SAN DIEGO, CA – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recently announced an additional $17 billion in tax incentives has just been made available. This relates to the government’s recognition of the importance of businesses which provide jobs in much-needed areas.

In response to this opportunity, USTAX CREDITS has initiated a new Professional Partnership Program aimed at finding unclaimed tax credits for thousands of businesses. The new program enables professionals to help their existing or new clients find tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax credits which many are unaware the government had set aside for them. The partners include businesses and professionals ranging from banks to CPAs.

USTAX CREDITS performs the work for everyone involved, including identifying the qualifying clients of the professional partners, researching the benefits, gathering the documentation and filing the claims. This risk-free process is designed so that no one pays any money until the government has issued the tax credit and then USTAX CREDITS and the partner share in a competitively priced commission.

Since 1994, USTAX CREDITS’ specialists have been assisting clients as a Specialty Tax Consulting firm. Founded by Mr. Noel Wisegarver, USTAX CREDITS provides services including tax credits, grants and incentives, personal federal and state tax savings, and pre-screening to determine qualifying businesses and employee candidates through their proprietary SpeedScreen™ systems.