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Personal Federal and State Tax Savings.

We can develop a personal tax savings financial plan for the principal owner(s) of your company, to extend and compliment what your financial planner and CPA have already set up. Based upon the individuals’ information, USTAX CREDITS can tap into another highly specialized but little known avenue for substantial tax savings on a business and individual level.


Pre-screen your business and employees with Work Force Builder™ and USTC Business Qualifier™

Work Force Builder™

Want to know which of the employee candidates you are interviewing will help your business qualify for additional tax credits? Make a legally informed decision through USTAX CREDITS’ screening process.

Not currently a USTC client?

Contact us and we’ll explain the risk-free, profitable relationship we can establish for you. Then you too can start to find out which of your current and potential employees can help you recapture more tax dollars.

USTC Business Qualifier™

It’s as easy as typing in any of your business addresses in order to find out whether your business qualifies for tax credits you may not have known were owed to you. If the answer is “yes”, just click on the “Help Me Claim My Fair Share” button and we’ll help take it from there.