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This Could Be Your Company in a Matter of Months

“I wasn’t worried. If we didn’t qualify for these tax credits, there wasn’t any risk since we didn’t pay anything out-of-pocket. The thing is that you won’t know unless you look. Any new money is like a surprise wind fall.

I would definitely recommend them to other businesses in my area. We would have never accessed this found money if they hadn’t contacted and educated us about tax credits we were missing out on.”

Howard Mangen
Mangen Enterprises -- Popeye's Franchise

“Extraordinary. I would definitely recommend them. The bottom line results were substantial by anybody's measure. Their team was very honest, professional and results-minded. They found creative ways to ensure the amount we received was as large as possible. We were surprised at the number of ways we qualified. And, by the use of a multi-layered approach which ended up being essential given all the locations, and employees which numbered in the thousands.

At first I thought our CPA firm would handle tax credits, but this is clearly a specialized area. Another firm had approached us earlier, but the results were trivial compared to the big-league results from USTAX CREDITS. I'll tell you, it's nice to use an organization that is on top of its game.”

Richard Ruby
CedarCorp – McDonald’s Franchise

“I can’t imagine why we would miss out on saving 5-figures a year against our bottom line, ever again. It’s not like it takes much on our part. We just didn’t understand how specialized this industry is and how simple USTAX CREDITS makes it.

Steve Sabblut
SABU Sportswear

“Thank you for your time and expertise finding us tax credits. I was pleased to find and work with an organization that specialized in this area so that we could access as much as possible, without having to try to do the work ourselves. It was a good decision and the results were excellent. I would recommend this firm highly.”

Henry Salemi
Farm Fresh Ranch Markets, Inc.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the tax credit work that you did for us in the past. I was impressed with the professionalism of your organization and the confidential manner in which your staff handled our information.

Also, I appreciate the fact that you did not over-promise. In fact, you delivered on all your commitments. I am happy to recommend you to anyone who may be considering non-obvious tax credits available to business.”

James R. DiRosa

“It was the people who made me feel comfortable about this new process. They reassured me by keeping me informed every step of the way. They did all the work, making sure we had to do very little. And completely surpassed all our expectations.”

Melvin Lin
Trans Ocean Carrier